What Should Homeowners Know About Mold

Molds can be a problem to your home and your health. Many of you probably think that molds, not a big deal where in fact, it is. There are many things you should know about mold. Ask yourself first, what is a mold? Molds are fungi that can appear anywhere in your house and can reproduce at an alarming rate, especially in a damp and dark place within your home. Mold normally occurs as airborne particles, and that particle can spread anywhere in your house. Once it settles on moisture-rich surfaces, they can reproduce at a disturbing rate.

Molds can grow anywhere in your house, like in your clothes, carpet, bathroom, walls, and basement. If you notice mold growing inside your home, it should be removed immediately to prevent further reproduction of mold and prevent health problems. If a mold is left alone for a period of time, it can reproduce at a high rate and cause health issues like respiratory health problems, allergies, and more. This article will explain some facts about mold and how homeowners should do when they see it in their home. 

Why does a Mold form in your house?

Molds are fungi and can grow in any place, including inside of your home. Molds spread to airborne particles, and they like dark and humid places. A house is an ideal place where a mold can reproduce at a high rate. Whether in your carpet, your basement, in your wall, water damage from leaking pipes molds grows fast and can spread at a staggering rate. Oftentimes when mold is found in your plumbing system, it indicates you’re due for a sewer repair or inspection service. Molds can be dangerous because they can make you sick. Moreover, they need less time, approximately 2-3days, to reproduce. If you notice one growing in your house, get rid of it immediately. 

What should I do if mold is growing in your home?

If you ever see one, the best thing to do is call some with experience removing mold, preferably a professional. They know to locate the mold source in your house, and they have the right tools to remove the mold. If you don’t want to use a mold removal service, you can also remove it by yourself but make sure you are wearing protective tools like goggles and gloves to avoid allergies or breathing problems. It’s recommended that you seal the infected area so it can’t spread. Immediately dispose of all of the mold infected materials because they can reproduce quickly. Finally, clean the infected area with vinegar or bleach to make sure all the infected area spots are thoroughly cleaned. 

Molds can Cause Illness and Health Problems.

Molds can cause mild to severe health problems, so it’s important to remove them immediately. Molds reproduce by forming spores that can be seen with your naked eyes. These spores are spread through the air and can land anywhere in your house. Once they land on that surface, they can reproduce at an alarming rate. Mold spores can survive in extreme conditions. Once developed into the mold, they can be easily removed. Also, molds like dark and humid places, your basement bathroom, and walls are the ideal places for a mold to grow. 

Some molds are really toxic, like black mold, they can reproduce at a staggering rate, and large quantities of mold are a major health problem concern, not to mention the damage it could do to your home. According to the Institute of Medicine research, indoor mold exposure can cause upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough in people with asthma, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. The World Health Organization issued additional guidance to help prevent mold and certain health problems. Other recent studies have suggested that early mold exposure can develop asthma in some children.


Molds can grow and reproduce anywhere, including inside your house. They can reproduce at a high rate and survive and grow in a humid and dark basement, especially near leaking pipes and in dark places like the basement and attic. Since molds could settle almost anywhere, it’s important to clean your house at least once a week. Observe cleanliness in any part of your house, especially in the kitchen where most of your food is stored. Every homeowner should be aware of molds. If you see one, remove it immediately.

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