What Kind of Water Damage is Typically Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

One of the serious threats faced by many homeowners is water. Most homes have intricate burst pipes and plumbing networks, which could result in costly repair bills and major headaches, not to mention other related water issues such as busted hose on a dishwasher, deep freeze heavy storm, and more. There are times that the home is just moments away from being soaked. Water damage is one of the common and expensive types of homeowners’ insurance claims.


Insurance Coverage of Water Damage

Waking up on flooded basements because of broken-down water heater and other faulty issues is very unpleasant, particularly after realizing that the floor is damaged, so as your belongings. One of the questions you will ask yourself is if your homeowners’ insurance covers water damage. 

Standard insurance policy may cover costs linked with the damage. An insurance agent can help you get started with the process of filing for the water damage insurance claim, but you have to know that not all types of water damages are covered. 

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What are the Types of Water Damages Usually Covered by a Homeowners Insurance? 

The majority of policies cover water damage that results from accidental and sudden causes. Homeowners’ insurance might help in paying for the repairs. For instance, the drywall drenched upon being ruptured by the water heater or pipe burst upstairs, and water tend to saturate in the ceiling underneath. 

In most standard homeowner insurance policies, if the water damage takes place accidentally or suddenly from sources within the home like a busted pipe, this will be covered by your insurance. If in case the water comes outside of your home, this will not be covered by the policy.

Water Damage from Snow and Rain 

Ice dams, snow, and rain forming on your home roof are commonly considered windstorms, and the weight of the snow poses risks on your homeowner insurance policy. Water damage resulting from snow or wind-driven rain and roofs that collapsed due to ice dams might be covered if the damage was determined to be caused by covered conditions or weather events. 

Nevertheless, if it has been found out that water entered your home due to corrosion or leaking, foundation, siding, or rotting of the roof, your insurance will not cover it. Your homeowner’s insurance will also not cover it. Your home insurance will also not cover the rain damage from damaged windows or leaking. 

Water damage from burst pipes 

This will be more likely to be categorized as an overflow of water, steam, or accidental discharge; however, water damage caused by abrupt blockages and sudden bursts in your plumbing system might be covered. This also includes air conditioners, water heaters, outdoor sprinklers, fire sprinkler systems, and more. 

Water discharge coming from your home appliances such as the dishwasher or washing machine is covered. But replacement or repair of these appliances is excluded. For this situation, you will likely need equipment breakdown insurance coverage. 

Water damage resulting from a separate event 

In case separate covered risks cause water damage, your insurance provider will consider this as a covered loss. Taking your home, for instance, catches a fire and fire officers extinguish this using a water hose, water damage will be covered by your insurance along with the damages resulting from the fire. 

Does Homeowner Insurance Covers Ceiling Water Damage? 

Homeowners’ insurance dwelling coverage offers protection for your ceiling. If it suffers from water damage, whether this is covered or not will actually depend on the water damage sources. Taking for instance, if the pipe bursts and result in leaks down to your home ceiling, your insurance policy will reimburse you for the repairs. 

Does Homeowner Insurance Covers Water Damage Due to Leaking Plumbing? 

Homeowners’ insurance can cover water damage due to leaking plumbing provided that the leaks are accidental and sudden. Nevertheless, the insurance does not cover the damage that results from poor maintenance. If the damage is due to failure to repair, the homeowner insurance won’t pay for the repair. 

When Does the Homeowner Insurance Cover Water Damage?   

As mentioned, the standard policy covers water damage in the home if the determined cause was sudden or came inside the house. Some perils related to weather causing water damage can also be covered in a basic homeowner’s insurance policy. 

This type of insurance provides protection to both the home structure, including ceilings, foundations, roof, and walls, as well as your personal property against particular types of water damage. In case you need to stay somewhere else while your house is undergoing repairs, the loss of use of your home insurance coverage can pay for the added living expenses such as hotel stay. 

Knowing the type of water damage covered by your homeowner’s insurance is crucial. This is a way of knowing what kind of protection you expect to get, how you will deal with your situation concerning water damage, and how to file a claim.

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