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We offer mold inspection, mold remediation, water damage and water proofing services in the greater Richmond region.  

Mold Inspection

Get in touch with us if you think that there is  a presence of mold in your home or commercial building. Do you have questions about mold? Call us and get a FREE inspection.

Mold Remediation

Have a mold growth or even a recurring mold problem. We offer permanent mold remediation solutions proven to be effective from our experience with hundreds of homes in the Richmond VA area.

Water Damage/Proofing

Have water damage? It could result in mold growth. We will help with all your water proofing needs and prevent potentially dangerous mold growth. Call us today!

DIY Mold removal solution

Can You Clean Up Mold Yourself?

When caught early on, you can remove mold yourself with a DIY mold removal solution using some basic household cleaning items. A mixture of one part water and one part vinegar will work for small patches of mold. If the mold covers more than 10 square feet, you are better off calling a professional. . Removing large colonies of mold requires exposure to heavy-duty chemicals and proper disposal of infested building materials. 

What Is the Best Product to Kill Mold

White vinegar and water works for a DIY solution. Store Bought solutions will also work and are often optimized for specific surfaces. However, if the mold colony is larger than 10 square feet, hiring one of our experienced mold removal experts would be your best option as we are able to completely eradicate any mold colony and safely dispose of all mold invested materials.

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Professional Mold Removal Service Richmond VA

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How do Professionals Remove Mold

  1. We first assess the root cause of the mold growth. This is more than just looking at the visibly affected area. Mold can be an invisible intruder and is caused by excess moisture.
  2. We then calculate the extent of the mold contamination and isolate it so that it does not spread to the rest of the house. This is done with an enclosure made out of 6 mil polyethylene sheeting with all seams and slip openings sealed with duct tape.
  3. The most important part is to fix the underlying water issue causing the mold growth which will make sure the mold growth will not be a recurring problem.
  4. We then clean all the mold affected surfaces using either an enzyme solution or a high speed spray of dry ice. This is a safe process and will remove all mold.
  5. Lastly, we will dry all the clean materials so mold will not pop up again and bag the leftover waste  and dispose of it properly.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Mold Removed From a House

Mold remediation can cost anywhere from $500 to $6,000 depending on the scope of the affected area and the solutions needed to prevent future mold growth. If you find mold growing on drywall, trim, or unfinished wood surfaces, you should consider calling a qualified expert. We at Richmond VA Mold Removal Experts offer free inspections and are qualified for to inspect your home and remediate your mold problems.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can you get sick from mold in your house? 

Some species of mold produce mycotoxins which can cause severe health problems. Mold can make you sick, especially if you have allergies. However, whether or not you have allergies, mold can irritate your eyes, skin, nose or lungs. Check out our article about the dangers of mold here.

What are the first signs of Mold?

One sign of a mold infestation is that your air conditioning or heating smells weird. Mold can also cause your wall paper to peel or cause dark spots on your walls. Mold can also cause noticeable health effects such as a cold, worsening asthma, skin rash or itching. 

What does black mold do?

Black mold is a commonly dangerous species of mold and should be removed by a qualified expert. Black mold can cause health problems such as inflammation, itching, or headaches. Check out our article about the types of mold here.

Is it safe to sleep in a room with mold?

It can be unsafe to sleep in a room with mold growth especially if the mold species emits mycotoxins which can cause some severe health problems. It is advisable to call a mold removal expert for an inspection if you have mold growth or suspect you have mold growth. Our article here talks about the dangers potential dangers of mold.

How can I test my home for mold?

If you suspect that your home has mold, you can purchase a DIY mold test kit. You can also call a mold expert to perform an inspection. Our inspections are always free and our experts are qualified to detect mold and give you peace of mind about mold growth in your home. 
What should I do if I suspect mold in my house?